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WASPcam Camera Adapters UNIVERSAL

Brand: WASPcam | Category: Video Recording
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
9944 Adhesive Anchor
9947 Standard Tripod Adapter

Product Description

T-tip for General Mounts (compatible with GoPro mounts)
Part #9935
Attach to WASPcam to utilize GoPro mounting systems.

Camera Tripod Adapter
Part #9947
Allows user to attach WASPcam to a standard tripod.

Swivel T-Tip
Part #9949
Another item that comes included with every WASPcam 9900/9901 Action Sports Camera package, the Swivel T-Tip attaches Camera Casings to various WASPcam mounts and allows for ‘swiveling’ of the camera back and forth, depending on angle desired. A nut and bolt system keeps the T-Tip locked securely into place. It may be purchased separately if required.

Waterproof Camera Case Adaptor
Part #9961
This small part connects to a Waterproof or Diving Case for adapting to various mounts and accessories. Included with WASPcam 9900 and 99001 packages and also with #9948 Waterproof Camera Casing and Diving Case.

Adhesive Anchor
Part #9944
When things get rough, try adding an Anchor to your WASPcam. This mount securely tethers camera to a surfboard or other flat surfaces.

3M Sticker
Part #9945
Adhesive for flat and curved mounts.

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