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Defi Repair Parts UNIVERSAL

Brand: Defi | Category: Gauge Pods / Accessories


PDF00603S Boost Sensor
PDF00604H Meter Wire 25cm
PDF00607G Rubber Hose 0.5m
PDF00614H Meter Wire 50cm
PDF00615H Meter Wire 1M
PDF00625G Buffer 0.25M
PDF00703S Pressure Sensor
PDF00704H Oil P. Sensor Wire
PDF00707H P.Sensor Ext. Wire
PDF00803H Fuel P.Sensor Wire
PDF00806SS Fuel P.Sensor Set
PDF00903S Temperature Sensor 1/8NPT
PDF00904H Oil Tempsensor Wire
PDF00906H Temperature Sensor Ext Wire
PDF01003H W.Temperature Sensor Wire
PDF01103S Exhaust Temperature Sensor
PDF01104H Exhaust Temperature Sensor Wire
PDF01105G Extempfitting, 1/8pt
PDF01107H Exhaust Temperature Ext Wire 2M
PDF01109G Exhaust Temperature Fitting, 1/8NPT
PDF01203H Tachometer Wire
PDF01302H Power Source Wire
PDF01303H Meter Wire 2M
PDF01304G Inst Prt For Unit C
PDF01801I Indi Single Part
PDF01802H Indicator Wire 1m
PDF01803H Indi Wire 0.13m
PDF03905S Temperature Sensor 1/8NPT
PDF05102H Speed Signal Wire
PDF05103G Fitting Stay
PDF00710S Sensor Att.At
PDF03213H Power Wire Vsd Basis
PDF05704G Parts VSD Concept
PDF05705H Powerwire VSDConcept
PDF05706H Speedo&Tachometero Wire VSD
PDF05707H C.Out Wire VSD
PDF06002H Boost Sensor Extension Wire 1M
PDF06013H Pressure Sensor Wire
PDF06014H Temperature Sensor Extension Wire 1M
PDF06503S Boost Sensor For Brg
PDF06504H Power Supply Wire For Brg
PDF06505H Boost Sensor Wire For Brg
PDF06508G Fuse 0.3a For Bule Racer
2 Pieces
PDF06603H Pressure Sensor Wire For Brg
PDF06803H Exhaust Temperature Sensor Wire Brg
PDF05601H DIN Power Wire
PDF05602H DIN Temp.1 Wire (3M)
PDF05603H DIN Temp.2 Wire (3M)
PDF05604H DIN Pressure Wire (3M)
PDF05605G DIN Fitting Screw
PDF07710H Meter Wire 2M
For Advance Gauges
PDF07708H Meter Wire 50cm
For Advance Gauges
PDF09405H Speed/Tachometero Wire
For Advance Gauges
PDF07806SS Turbo Sensor Set
For Advance CR Meter
PDF08505SS Exhaust Temperature Sensor Set
For Advance Gauges
PDF07702H Power Supply Wire
For Advance Unit
PDF08106SS Oil Pressure Sensor Set
For Advance Gauges
PDF08105H Oil Pressure Sensor Wire
For Advance Gauges
PDF08305SS Oil Temperature Sensor Set
For Advance Gauges
PDF07808G Moltopren
For 52/60mm Advance CR Meter
PDF07809G Parts Set
For Advance CR Meter
PDF08205SS Fuel Pressure Sensor Set
For Advance Gauges
PDF07707H Meter Wire 25cm
For Advance Gauges
PDF08405SS Water Temperature Sensor Set
For Advance Gauges
PDF07703G Parts Set
For Advance Unit
PDF07709H Meter Wire 1M
For Advance Gauges
PDF05005G Fuse 4a For Power Wires
2 Pieces
PDF05711G C.Out Wire Vsd
PDF07101G Back Case Set
For BB Tachometer
PDF07102H Power & Tacho Wire
For BB Tachometer
PDF07103G Fitting Band Set
For BB Tachometer
PDF07104G Bracket Set
For BB Tachometer
PDF07105G Reg.Position Bezel
For BB Tachometer
PDF07108I Indicator
For Advance BF 80mm Tachometer
PDF09705H Speedo/Tach Wire
For Advance ZD
PDF09904K Advance BF Box

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